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Setting a Date: The Pros and Cons to Every Wedding Season

Picking a wedding date can be difficult. You may hear a lot of opinions coming your way; “make it a June wedding,” “don’t make it an April wedding” “winter weddings are cold!”


While there are many opinions to consider, remember that the final decision is yours! You may already have a day or a month in mind, but don’t send your “save the date’s” until you’ve heard the pros and cons of every season.





  1. Opportunity to look for winter specials:

Winter is often considered the “slower season” in the wedding business. As a result, many vendors and reception halls will promote business by offering specials and cheaper packages. Booking a winter wedding could be a great opportunity to lower your wedding price tag!

  1. Wintery wonderland for pictures:

Some of the most beautiful and scenic backdrops can be achieved in the winter seasons. The white snow contrasts well with rich colors and helps you stand out in your photos. Pro tip: include a coat or cover-up with your dress, or make sure to schedule in “warm-up” breaks in your photo session so you don’t freeze!


  1. Freezing temperatures could be a downer:

On the flip side, the cold weather can make things difficult. Guests may have trouble with road conditions, or a storm could prevent incoming or outgoing flights from out-of-towners.

  1. Guest attendance could be lower:

Winter can be a very busy time for some of your guests. With holiday festivities and traveling to see family, your RSVP count could be lower than anticipated.





  1. Romantic scenery for pictures:

Soft, neutral spring-y colors could be everything you’ve been dreaming about for your wedding. A spring backdrop to your ceremony or spring-inspired colors for your decorations could be perfect for you. Although clouds may seem like a curse, springtime offers ideal lighting conditions for you photographer as well.

  1. Gown style-choices are endless:

Springtime weather means you can go for sleeveless, full sleeves, cap sleeves, short dresses, long dresses and more. This in-between time means you won’t be freezing cold or blistering in the heat no matter which style of gown you choose.



  1. Unpredictable weather:

Conversely, springtime weather can sometimes be a curse. With rain and unpredictable temperatures, it can be hard to plan accordingly. The best advice we have is to be prepared for any scenario! If you have an outdoor wedding, reserve an indoor space as a back-up.

  1. Vendor pricing increases:

Spring is the time when vendors begin to increase their prices after the winter slow season. Make sure you are doing your research to make sure you are getting the best deal you can.





  1. Provides the option for an outdoor wedding:

Summer is an amazing time to have an outdoor wedding ceremony. With more predictable weather, having this option is a plus.

  1. Longer daylight hours:

Sometimes it can be hard to know how much time to allow for each part of the wedding-day schedule. With more daylight comes more wiggle room, more light for photos, and the option for a later ceremony.



  1. Vendor pricing can be high:

Because of the influx of summer bookings, vendors charge the most for summer wedding dates. Summer also requires the longest lead time for booking venues, so planning ahead is a must!

  1. Warm weather can be negative:

An increase in temperature often means an increase in insects, leading to uncomfortable guests, (especially at an outdoor wedding). Make sure to provide handheld fans and air conditioning wherever possible.





  1. Unique color and design possibilities:

Pumpkin patches, apple cider cocktails and rustic touches are all open to you for a fall wedding. A wedding during this season allows for many unique and surprising touches you may not achieve during the spring or summer months.

  1. May be cheaper to book vendors:

Although fall is becoming a much more popular month for weddings, vendors will often have cheaper rates during this season to increase bookings.



  1. Booking the right date in the season can be tricky:

Especially in the Midwest, seasons change extremely quickly. You may need to do some research on your region to make sure you get all those beautifully-colored leaves in your wedding shots.

  1. It can be difficult to get guest count in the fall:

With school, sports, and fall activities starting, many guests with kids may not be able to attend. Make sure your “save the date’s” are sent out early and be prepared for the “partial family RSVP”.


While there are many pros and cons to consider, remember that the final wedding date decision is yours. Good luck, and happy planning!


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