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The Bluff Presents: The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit

You’re leaving the house. Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Cell phone? Check. And then you hear that little voice in your head. You’re forgetting something, but what?


For a day with more things to remember than most, your wedding needs to go off without a hitch! And we want to make sure you have it all under control. That’s why we put together a list of twenty-one emergency items you should grab before leaving the house on the day of your wedding. Because as a bride, you have other things to worry about, (like walking down the aisle!).


  1. Hand Sanitizer
  2. Hairspray
  3. Scotch tape, (or dress tape!)
  4. Toothbrush/toothpaste
  5. Tissues
  6. Needle/thread
  7. Hand mirror
  8. Safety pins
  9. Band-aids/first aid
  10. Straw (for
    less lipstick touch-ups!)
  11. Floss
  12. Nail clippers/tweezers
  13. Hairbrush/comb
  14. Bobby pins
  15. Perfume
  16. Deodorant
  17. Granola bars/small snacks
  18. Makeup remover/cleansing wipes
  19. Eye drops
  20. Pain-killer
  21. Razor

We recommend starting your emergence kit a week or two before your wedding. Get thinking about the items you might need and keep adding! You would rather pack too much, than wish you’d remembered something small but essential.

Good luck, and happy wedding day!