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8 Pro-tips for entertaining kid-guests at your wedding

Here they are! Here are as many excuses as we could think of for you to hold off on sending the “no kids allowed” on your wedding invitations.


  1. Provide interactive toys and table games! Give the kids some building blocks or Legos with a cute message like, “Build us the foundation to a great marriage!”
  2. Give them a wedding specific activity they will remember. This can include a wedding word crossword puzzles, homemade Mad Libs or even friendship bracelets labeled, “While we tie the knot, you tie these!” **
  3. Plan a kid-friendly drink for the toast! Cookies and milk or sparkling grape juice are both guaranteed kid-pleasers.
  4. Utilize the outdoor spaces. Games like Ring Toss and Cornhole are party favorites for both adults and kids. Try a tent-making station too! Provide sheets, blankets, chairs and clothes-pins and see what the kids can come up with.
  5. Have a video game booth! Guitar hero and sing-it are great group games that get lots of people involved, and we’re sure your guests will have some contributions too.
  6. Create a game of “I Spy” with disposable cameras! Give the kids subjects to shoot and cross off their lists, starting with a picture of the bride and ending with a photo of their favorite wedding food.
  7. Be cute! Decorate the kids table with age appropriate décor that still goes with your wedding colors. Butcher paper can make a safe table covering, and goes well with rustic decorations, (plus they can color all over it!) Try something like a bouquet of lollipops or candy for alternative centerpieces.
  8. Invest in a babysitter or two for the night. Your friends and family will be grateful they can celebrate without having to keep an eye on the kids.


**Pro tip: Make sure to assess the ages of the kids attending! You want to have relevant activities according to maturity level.


Allowing kids to attend your wedding doesn’t need to be a stress! With all these activities the kids will have a blast and your guests can focus on the main event, celebrating you!


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