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Tips for your Engagement Session

At The Bluff, our partnerships with local businesses mean so much to us. Being able to work with other professionals in the wedding industry is one of our favorite parts of the job. Written by local photographer Emily Annett, this blog shares some important tips for couples during their engagement sessions.

Tips for your Engagement Session

By: Emily Annett

Congratulations! You’re engaged! I’m so excited for you. As a newly full-time (!) photographer in the Grand Rapids area, I’ve been keeping track of what’s worked well in my previous engagement sessions to discuss with all my new clients. Not all engagement photos are the same, but below are some of the most important pointers that I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Wear clothing you can move in: One of the best things about engagement photos is that you have the opportunity to be candid – you might be jumping on each other’s backs, twirling around in a field of flowers, or laying on the ground cuddling your soon-to-be. Wearing clothing that you feel comfortable moving and shaking in is vital to making sure that your photos don’t feel stiff.
  2. Ask the photographer what to do if you feel uncomfortable posing: One of the hardest things for most couples to do in an engagement session is to interact in front of the camera without feeling awkward. If you don’t know what to do, just ask! Part of the photographer’s job is making sure that the photos look easy and natural, even when they aren’t. A good photographer will help you feel confident and comfortable in front of the lens.
  3. Be vocal about your vision for the photos: Talk to your photographer about specific locations, moods, or poses that you like or don’t like. I’ve even found that sending along some inspiration photos from Pinterest or Instagram can be helpful – if your photographer is thinking Golden Hour Sunset Glow and you’re thinking Moody Early-Morning Fog, you want to know that early on and plan accordingly.
  4. Choose a location that is reflective of your love story: Some couples have the most fun together hiking high up in the mountains, while others feel most connected when snuggling on the couch. Maybe you had your first date at a local diner, or your alma mater plays a significant role in your story. A bold, wow-factor location can bring pizazz to your pics, but a location that makes you feel connected and at-home can help channel those quieter, more intimate shots.
  5. Bring some props that are meaningful to you: While capturing shots of the ring is obvious, other props that can help convey your love story could be jerseys of your favorite sports teams, fun presents that you’ve exchanged, or even your dog!


Your story is unique, and your engagement session should be a time to honor the journey the two of you are beginning. But above all, remember to have fun – let’s celebrate your beautiful love!












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All included photography courtesy of Emily Annett Photography.