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The Maid of Honor: Seven Roles to Play on HER Big Day

What exactly does a maid of honor do? Sure, there’s the usual stuff like holding the bouquet and planning the bachelorette party, but if you’ve been a MOH you know there’s so much more to it. There are a lot of roles for you to to fill for the bride, and it’s a big day…

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The Bluff Presents: The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit

You’re leaving the house. Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Cell phone? Check. And then you hear that little voice in your head. You’re forgetting something, but what?   For a day with more things to remember than most, your wedding needs to go off without a hitch! And we want to make sure you have it…

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A Bride’s Guide to Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Everything you need to know for bridesmaid dress-shopping with your ladies.   Basic etiquette: Book an appointment beforehand. Designer gowns take two to three months to order, and another four to six weeks for any alterations. Ideally, you should book your appointment six months ahead of time. Off the rack dresses usually sell out more…

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