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8 Pro-tips for entertaining kid-guests at your wedding

Here they are! Here are as many excuses as we could think of for you to hold off on sending the “no kids allowed” on your wedding invitations.   Provide interactive toys and table games! Give the kids some building blocks or Legos with a cute message like, “Build us the foundation to a great…

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Setting a Date: The Pros and Cons to Every Wedding Season

Picking a wedding date can be difficult. You may hear a lot of opinions coming your way; “make it a June wedding,” “don’t make it an April wedding” “winter weddings are cold!”   While there are many opinions to consider, remember that the final decision is yours! You may already have a day or a…

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For the Wedding Planner in You: a wedding task timeline

By: Katie Peterson   So, you’re engaged to be married. Congratulations! The proposal was magical, your fiancé is dreamy, and all your friends and family can’t wait to celebrate with you. But, as you’re scrolling through the posts of “congratulations” on your Facebook page you see a comment that makes you stop reading: “So when’s…

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